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Featured Speakers :

 Joe Guerci
Joe Guerci
IEEE Fellow and Warren D. White Award Recipient 2007, IDGA Advisory Board
 Stephen Kreider
Stephen Kreider
Program Executive Officer
 Robert T. (Bo) Marlin
Robert T. (Bo) Marlin
Technical Adviser for ISR Capabilities and Integration, Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR
U.S. Air Force
 Vincent Sabio
Vincent Sabio
Program Manager
 Eli Brookner
Eli Brookner
Principal Engineer (Retired)
 Paul Geier
Paul Geier
Deputy ISR Interoperability Division
United States Air Force
 Mike O'Hehir
Mike O'Hehir
Chief Engineer
Defense Information System Agency
 Daniel McNamara
Daniel McNamara
JSC J3 Operations
Defense Information Systems Agency
 Kurt Sorensen
Kurt Sorensen
Sandia National Laboratories

ISR Capabilities for an Evolving International Landscape

Having accurate and reliable intelligence on the battlefield is one of the most important components to maintain Warfighter safety.  Today's Military places a huge emphasis on the successful implementation of technologies specifically designed to gather the appropriate amount of information and deliver that information to those individuals who can make quick, informed decisions.

This Conference will focus on giving an overview of the outstanding progress the Military has made in recent years, highlighting future requirements, and how industry can best support the Military in achieving these requirements.

Why This Is A "Must Attend" Event:

  • Meet and Network with Major ISR Program Managers
  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of the Military's future goals for ISR
  • Understand how ISR plays a critical role in preventing battlefield casualties
  • Identify critical requirements for developing the next generation of ISR capabilities
  • Help the Military develop systems which provide instantaneous ISR capabilities to the Warfighter on the ground
  • Learn how effective spectrum management is crucial to managing multiple ISR assets
  • Get information first hand on upcoming acquisition projects
  • Define the evolving needs of the military as international initiatives develop

Whether you are a Military Leader in the field, an Industry expert with a new idea, or simply an enthusiast, this event will have something for you!

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